Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Engagement: Jose + Sheena

College has its ups and down. You go to class, take some tests, pull a couple of all nighters and eventually you earn a degree. Something you can be proud of. One of the best things about college is the chance to meet new people and form new relationships. Occasionally those relationships can turn into more than friendship; as is the case with Jose and Sheena.

These two met working at the college book store together. Just friends of course. I feel like sometimes that's how some of the best stories begin. Side by side they worked together, enjoying each other's company and learning more and more about one another's character. Fast forward some time to a road trip to West Virginia for a community service project called Alternative Breaks. It was here that their friendship blossomed into something more and they eventually fell in love.

I asked both Jose and Sheena what they love most about each other and their responses were the kind you hear in books (can you tell how much I'm loving this couple?!). Sheena told me that the thing she loves most about Jose is his presence (swoon). She said that even if things are crazy and hectic its as if nothing else matters. Best. Line. Ever.

Jose told me that he loves Sheena's heart. "She has a good heart. She makes me want to be a better person because of her dreams." Family is important to Jose and he loves that both of their families go well together and get along. You're loving this groom too, right?!
Jose and Sheena, I adore you. I'm super excited to help you prepare for forever with each other this March!