Monday, March 14, 2011

For that I thank Him

Sometimes people really make me cry. People's situations I guess I should say. Maybe it's because one of my strengths is empathy. Or maybe it's because I've asked God to help me love others like He loves them. Whatever the reason, I hurt for them.

The whole inspiration for this post is my ride to work. Straight down 441 to Broward Blvd. I see so much. I went to make a turn onto Broward and as I waited, I saw a homeless guy standing in the median. He had a small cardboard sign. I couldn't read it, but I could read his face. It was riddled with shame. He held his sign half-heartedly. It seemed like he wanted to disappear.

At the same time, on another corner, there was a woman. She was sleeping on the corner of the intersection. That wasn't the first time I had seen her. I started to cry. And I heard the Lord tell me "This is just a piece of how much I love them, and you." And that was it.

I think sometimes He does that for me. Allows me to feel even a fraction of how much He loves people, so that I can love people. It keeps me in perspective. Helps me when I really don't feel like loving anyone.

For that, and many things, I thank Him.