Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in Tallahassee...

I'm going up to Tallahassee tomorrow. Going to visit the aunt, cousins, and grandma. I'm excited about spending Christmas in cold but not mind numbingly cold weather. I'm excited to wear my scarves all day.

And this year, I have a plan. There are two large stacks of books lying next to my bed and I entirely plan on bringing them along and making a big dent in those books. I also plan on being outside way more. I am going to finally put my bucket list on one sheet of paper (at the moment it's broken into various sheets and a few word documents). I'm going to brainstorm names for my wedding planning business (input is appreciated). I'm going to (if I can get internet access) pour over jasmine star's old blog posts about starting her wedding photography business because I would like to model my business very much after hers. I'm going to work on my friend's wedding. I'm going to shoot my bow. I'm going to relax. And I'm going to enjoy Christmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It makes my heart hurt...

It makes my heart hurt when I watch kids go off to college and forget about who God truly is. It makes my heart hurt when I see good friends find redemption in Him only to fall away from God again because their faith was not made real. It makes my heart hurt to think that it's possible that I won't see some of my family in heaven. It makes my heart hurt when I watch close friends make poor decisions. It makes my hurt hurt to watch the insensitivity people have toward other people, and to know that often times I do the same thing. It makes my heart hurt to think about how much God's heart must hurt when I don't love Him like I should; when He watches people push Him away because they think He's not enough for them; when they deny what happened on the cross. It makes my heart hurt to know that every time I sin, I'm pushing Christ farther from me; to know that I'm telling Him that something is more important to me than what He did for me at Calvary.