Monday, February 23, 2009


I can honestly say that even though writing papers is hectic...I seriously prefer it to in-class essays. I'm so much better with words when I am able to think things through, edit, and really formulate my argument and my sentences.
In class essays are so stressful. What is he going to ask? What am I going to write on? What if I don't remember everything and I can't write?!
But then I really think that in-class essays test your real knowledge of the information. It tests your ability to quickly recall information and write on it in a fluid, cohesive manner.

This weekend was the worst weekend I've had in a while. I did not leave my house since Friday say for going to school and work. I did not shower, I lived in my pajamas, I smelled. My hair stood on it own and constantly argued with me. Bobby pins were used to shove things in place. I felt like junk and had a constant migraine that no amount of ibuprofen could subside.

I finished the bear at 6:40pm on Sunday evening. Just enough time to soak in the tub and head out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

No matter what I endured this weekend to write this paper...I still prefer it to in-class essays.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reading List...

So I'm reading this book "Do Hard Things" written by two 19 year old kids. It's pretty inspirational. Of course, I'm no longer a teenager but that does not mean that I can't inflict change.
In the beginning of the book, the boys describe how their father slammed a large pile of books in front of their face in the beginning of their 16th summer. He said, "read it before the summer it done." it seemed daunting yet not impossible. These were substantial books, some I have read, many I have not. It got me thinking...when was the last time I read a substantial book? I'm not talking Harry Potter or another fictional book (which i do love by the way), I'm talking about substantial books that would get me thinking, or the classics that I had so vehemently ignored when I was in high school.

Therefore, I am putting together a reading list. Books that I want to read before I die. I want to start in the summer because that seems to be the only time when I will HAVE time to read. Please let me know of any if you so think. I'll begin with some of the ones that these boys read during their 16th summer:

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris
Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey
The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Green
Blog by Hugh Hewitt
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Freckles??

The weirdest thing has been happening to me over the past couple months. I continue to find new freckles popping up on various odd parts of my body. For instance, I now have a small, light freckly on the knuckle of my left ring finger. I also have a freckle on my right second toe. There are three new freckles that form a line across my back, which oddly enough, is in the same place where my sister had a line of freckles. Maybe they really are angel kisses.

I did some cooking tonight. I made spaghetti for boca's high school friday night fellowship. It was pretty fantastic. I miss spending time in the kitchen, especially when my mom is in there cooking and I can bounce ideas of her. Have I mentioned how amazing she is? I'm pretty sure that I could talk about how awesome she is all the time. Anyway, the pasta turned out great and the kids liked it which made me happy. I'm really starting to fall in love with the high school ministry at Boca. These kids are so fantstic, even if they are a little competive. I'm starting to find out what makes certain ones tick, and which ones that I know will do AMAZING things for Christ. What amazes me even more is the idea that God has given me an opportunity to interact with them. They touch my heart.

I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight. I was presently surprised. It was enjoyable to watch and actually quite clean. Isla Fisher is rapidly becoming an actor that I enjoy to watch.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bible cut down to size?

For my religious experience class, one of the assignments is to respond analytically to things that I have read, listened to, or watched that have anything to do with experiencing religion. I came across this article written by Albert Mohler. He writes about Martin Hinton, a British minister, who cut the bible down to size because he felt that the bible was "too intimidating for modern readers." He cut it down so that it is able to be read in just under 100 minutes.

At first I was amazed that someone would do this, but then I started thinking about what the reaction would be if this trend became more popular. What if churches in America started adopting this idea that they could cut down the bible down to a modern, easy to use text? How would you respond to this?

Also, in studying for this class, we covered a chapter on sacred scriptures. I learned of the Sikh religion which holds its sacred text, called the Guru, as divine and holy. They treat their text as if it was alive and living. They house it in a personal tabernacle on a special cushion placed in the middle of the room. It is awakened and put to sleep each day and anyone who wants to read it must wash their entire body and place a covering over their head, as to not disturb the guru.
Do we treat the bible like this? Not to say that we must place the bible on an elaborate cushion in a special tabernacle, but how have we lost respect for what the word of God is? The Arabs spend hours a day studying the Qu'ran and it honestly makes me shameful when I can't even find 30 minutes a day to spend some time with my Lord.

The article got me thinking. If you want to read it, here's the link.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So far this year

I feel like at the beginning of each month, its good for me to take an account of everything that has happened to me so far this year.

Up to date, I have spent approximately:
3,450 minutes at school
900 minutes driving to school
2,640 minutes at work
1,200 minutes on a treadmill- results are yet to be seen
3,600 minutes reading
120 minutes fishing
60 minutes shooting archery
1,740 minutes at church
8 tanks of gas- that's 2 tanks a week

Things I have accomplished or realized:
- Today was the first day I finished ALL of my assigned reading material for my Sex and Gender in American Culture class
- I have been radically affected by Christ
- I still have no idea what God's will for my life is
- I've discovered that I have more will-power than I thought I did
- I can shoot a tight group of arrows at 25 yards
- I have yet to catch a fish while fishing by myself
- I took a fantastic photograph
- I found a new place to take pictures at
- I cannot keep my room clean for more than 10 days
- I like kiwis
- Roses are not my favorite flower
- I have made very little money
- I hate gardening
- I've grown attached to 3 smelly kids
- I've spent more time at home than with friends
- I have begun to develop a style of singing
- I created goals for myself
- I have seen no movies in the movie theater since the dark knight
- I have extended my vocabulary
- I will never take a class at FAU Davie again
- My parents are amazing-this isn't a new realization
- I realized that every time I listen to Viva La Vida, I smile real big
- Even though I complain about it, I really do love summer camp