Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bible cut down to size?

For my religious experience class, one of the assignments is to respond analytically to things that I have read, listened to, or watched that have anything to do with experiencing religion. I came across this article written by Albert Mohler. He writes about Martin Hinton, a British minister, who cut the bible down to size because he felt that the bible was "too intimidating for modern readers." He cut it down so that it is able to be read in just under 100 minutes.

At first I was amazed that someone would do this, but then I started thinking about what the reaction would be if this trend became more popular. What if churches in America started adopting this idea that they could cut down the bible down to a modern, easy to use text? How would you respond to this?

Also, in studying for this class, we covered a chapter on sacred scriptures. I learned of the Sikh religion which holds its sacred text, called the Guru, as divine and holy. They treat their text as if it was alive and living. They house it in a personal tabernacle on a special cushion placed in the middle of the room. It is awakened and put to sleep each day and anyone who wants to read it must wash their entire body and place a covering over their head, as to not disturb the guru.
Do we treat the bible like this? Not to say that we must place the bible on an elaborate cushion in a special tabernacle, but how have we lost respect for what the word of God is? The Arabs spend hours a day studying the Qu'ran and it honestly makes me shameful when I can't even find 30 minutes a day to spend some time with my Lord.

The article got me thinking. If you want to read it, here's the link.