Monday, February 23, 2009


I can honestly say that even though writing papers is hectic...I seriously prefer it to in-class essays. I'm so much better with words when I am able to think things through, edit, and really formulate my argument and my sentences.
In class essays are so stressful. What is he going to ask? What am I going to write on? What if I don't remember everything and I can't write?!
But then I really think that in-class essays test your real knowledge of the information. It tests your ability to quickly recall information and write on it in a fluid, cohesive manner.

This weekend was the worst weekend I've had in a while. I did not leave my house since Friday say for going to school and work. I did not shower, I lived in my pajamas, I smelled. My hair stood on it own and constantly argued with me. Bobby pins were used to shove things in place. I felt like junk and had a constant migraine that no amount of ibuprofen could subside.

I finished the bear at 6:40pm on Sunday evening. Just enough time to soak in the tub and head out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

No matter what I endured this weekend to write this paper...I still prefer it to in-class essays.