Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So far this year

I feel like at the beginning of each month, its good for me to take an account of everything that has happened to me so far this year.

Up to date, I have spent approximately:
3,450 minutes at school
900 minutes driving to school
2,640 minutes at work
1,200 minutes on a treadmill- results are yet to be seen
3,600 minutes reading
120 minutes fishing
60 minutes shooting archery
1,740 minutes at church
8 tanks of gas- that's 2 tanks a week

Things I have accomplished or realized:
- Today was the first day I finished ALL of my assigned reading material for my Sex and Gender in American Culture class
- I have been radically affected by Christ
- I still have no idea what God's will for my life is
- I've discovered that I have more will-power than I thought I did
- I can shoot a tight group of arrows at 25 yards
- I have yet to catch a fish while fishing by myself
- I took a fantastic photograph
- I found a new place to take pictures at
- I cannot keep my room clean for more than 10 days
- I like kiwis
- Roses are not my favorite flower
- I have made very little money
- I hate gardening
- I've grown attached to 3 smelly kids
- I've spent more time at home than with friends
- I have begun to develop a style of singing
- I created goals for myself
- I have seen no movies in the movie theater since the dark knight
- I have extended my vocabulary
- I will never take a class at FAU Davie again
- My parents are amazing-this isn't a new realization
- I realized that every time I listen to Viva La Vida, I smile real big
- Even though I complain about it, I really do love summer camp