Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A few of my favorite things

I could literally spend hours looking at weddings. They get me so excited, you have no idea! And with that, comes this realization that being just graduated from college, I am a small fish in a big pond called the wedding industry. There are literally THOUSANDS of options out there, it's a little ridiculous. I'm a little in love with weddings.

Speaking of love, I have fallen in love with this photographer. I think he's fantastic. So vintage looking, its awesome.
On another note, can we please pause and appreciate how amazing this looks? Like you could just eat it right then and there. I might have to be adventurous and make this can find the recipe here :)

Also, my flower pick of the week has to be this one. I'm in LOVE with fluffy flowers. Give me a bouquet full of ranunculuses and peonies and I'm in heaven. So....naturally. This is my pick of the week.


noa (feather love photography) said...

wow thanks for the rad shout out on here and the kind words!! :) contrary to popular belief, i'm actually a girl, not a guy... ha! no worries- people think i'm a dude all the time because of my name (thanks mom & dad! ;) xoxo

Ames said...

Oh man! I am so sorry! I guess if I paid more attention I could actually see that. Sorry about that! But anyway, yea, I love your photography. I'm a pretty picky person about photography but you definitely have talent and it's not just in the editing :) Thanks for the comment!