Sunday, March 15, 2009

The joy of the Lord is my strength

If I said that this week has been interesting, would I sound too cliche? Well then, I guess it would be better to say that this week has been thought provoking. Do you ever get so consumed with life and your schedule that you forget to really live and breath? Happens to me all the time, perhaps too much.
Last week was rough on me because I had found that I had not spent a consistent amount of time in the throne-room of my Jesus. Hebrews 12:29 says that God is our consuming fire. He is our everything. If I don't talk to him in a week, its like being brought away from his love, which is something that I don't think I could really handle. I was really run-down and tired. I was on Spring Break, and yet I didn't feel very relaxed. My heart wasn't fixed on the Lord.
What I found odd is that this week, I went back to school, went back to the mundane, and yet, it was anything but mundane. It was like the Lord kept saying to me, "Here I am."
He was so sweet to me, after I had spent such a long time pushing away from him. God kept showing me little things that would make me happy. For instance, I went to Walmart and had some pictures printed out to put in some frames in the Boca High School room. The guy was very nice to me and helped me however he could (which in and of itself is something to be said). Anyway, he handed me the envelope with the pictures and the minute I looked at them, I got the biggest grin on my face, and he said to me that he must have done a good job if I was smiling that big.
I had seen those pictures so many times, but it was like, by seeing them on actual paper, it's like they came to life and the personalities and lives of the kids I loved so much were captured by a picture that I took. It brought me so much joy.
There were countless things that happened this week that reminded me of how excited I used to get in the little things in life (like someone paying for my dinner, or seeing the look in a high schooler's eyes when I told them that I had went to their play and they were marvelous).
I want that feeling all the time. I want to remember to be content in the little things as much as in the big things.

hey God.....thanks.....