Saturday, December 19, 2009


I took a personality test for the whim of it. I got INFJ. Apparently I'm in the 1% of people, which makes it the rarest. Reading about it, it's pretty much how I am, with the exception of a some things. Just a fun thing I guess. Just a few updates in my life:

- Christmas is coming up and I'm very happy to be going to Tallahassee where it's a bit more chilly
- I'm a pretty sentimental person
- I spent the day on Thursday at Briana's house and hung out with her, Ashley, and her siblings. After hours of throwing the kids around, and watching the strength and warmth of her mom, I realized how much I missed my sister and how much I want to be a good mom
- I love Kate Winslet
- My room and car are in shambles and it's driving me nuts
- I want a floor to ceiling bookshelf, loaded with books, and a space carved out for my desk
- I want a nook that can be used for reading
- I'm reading Jane Eyre. It's quickly becoming my favorite book
- I keep getting closer to graduation and it keeps scaring me more and more
- Ace Christmas party was tonight. It was fun
- I'm in desperate need of new clothes
- Cooking makes me feel comfortable. I like comfortable
- I don't think what a degree is is as important as whatever it is you do with your life
- My mom made a mistake at work and when they didn't tell her she did a great job that day, she started to tear up. I realized how much I'm like my mother at that point.
- I almost cried during Agnus Dei at the Calvary Christmas show. It was that beautiful
- I get intimidated easily
- Telling someone how I really feel, whether positive or negative, is one of the hardest things. Is that common?
- I'm always trying to improve myself, without God, this venture is futile.
- Christmas music is the best
- "Iris, if you were a melody...I used only the good notes"

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I am an INFJ, too. nice 2 meet u