Friday, December 11, 2009

Easy Love?

What happened to the days when boys and girls were easy? You know, when a guy liked you, he sent you a note and then you firmly made your decision right then and there and that was the end of it. Or maybe he utilized his friends to find out if you liked him. However he did it, it was pretty cut and dry.
And what about the other way around? It used to be so easy to ward off someone who was interested in you but you weren't. "I'm not allowed to date," "I'm too young," "You're too old." It was a little more cut and dry, albeit still awkward, but not as grey.
Now! Aye now it's so much more difficult. Now if you're seen talking to a guy, oh well then you MUST be interested in them. And if you, oh I don't know, hold eye contact with a guy when you're having a conversation, which is proper etiquette by the way, well then they assume that you are interested in them even though nothing else about your body language will give you that signal. And trying to figure out of someone is saying something and then you think they're saying one thing when in fact they are saying something else entirely without uttering a single word!


I'm pretty sure I'm scared of growing up.