Monday, November 23, 2009


Just some small updates in my life:

-I helped pick out the decor for Jamie's wedding reception today. It's going to be beautiful.

-Arranged the songs that I'll be singing for the Six78 Christmas Party. Mark Bennett is going to be playing guitar for it so it should sound pretty rad.

-Saw Jessica Huber for the first time since she moved. She looked stunning. I was very happy to see her.

-Finished my music business research project. That class has turned out to be one of the more difficult classes I've taken.

-Rented "He's just not that into you" again from the red box thing. A: I'm liking red box more and more. B: "He's just not that into you" is a good movie.

-Went on an epic frog hunt in my living room last night. Apparently he liked my windowsill instead of the outside world. Needless to say, there was a lot of screeching from me and jumping from the frog.

-I filled up my tank with gas and watched my money go down the drain. I also avoided the eye contact of the creepy gas station attendants who work at EVERY gas station you ever go to.

-Came one step closer to submitting my application to Student Life to work there this summer. It's complete, I just need the gusto to submit it.

-I missed horses today and wish I could be around them all the time.

-I sighed as my boss read me my schedule for this week. 12 hours...

-I smiled really big at all the pictures from Nick's birthday party. High schoolers make me smile a lot.

-One day closer to graduating.

-Jesus is the sweetest and His grace amazes me daily, especially when I fail at my part of the relationship. Somehow He always knows how to pick me up.


Jessica said...

aww love you ames :0]
I hope you get to do Student life... that'll be sweet