Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding my love....again

It's necessary to be surrounded by the things you love. No, not necessary. Imperative. And when things change, when your life goes through a huge overhaul, sometimes those things you love fall through the cracks. In my life? I like to say that they disappear entirely. Because I'm so focused on these new things, the old things that I love fall to the wayside.

I have my routine with work. I have my pace. Now's my chance to bring back the things that I love. Working out, reading, weddings. Those things that bring about my character and who I am. I don't want to ever lose those.

I've already brought back a few things. Getting up at 6 am. Reading the bible in the morning. Working Out. Now that I have those, I have more things on my list. Blogging. Reading the blogs I follow. Researching my business venture. Falling more in love with weddings. TAKING PICTURES!! That's the one I miss the most. My first love.