Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creative Shoot: Carnival Playtime

Hannah- "I'm coming home for Thanksgiving and I want to do a shoot where two different things come together." Me- Ok sure......all the while not knowing at all what that meant. Then we finally sat down and got to the root of it. Bringing two seemingly different things together. While we both had great ideas with no budget and no connections to make it really spectacular, we settled on this. Bringing together two adults, and putting them in a child-like situation. And it was awkward. And it was fun. And Kyle kept making funny faces while we made him stand with his face to the sun, play with a toy truck, and act like a giant kid. But Shelley and Kyle were such great sports. And they take great pictures. I mean, have you seen their wedding pictures? Please...

And these pictures? Well they're a lot different than my usual style. Or should I say edited much differently than my usual style. But it was fun to play around with different editing techniques, trying to get the pictures to say the story I wanted them to say. Or rather, what the fabulous Hannah Roberts and I wanted them to say. Enjoy!