Saturday, January 7, 2012

Engagement: David + Devin

David jokes "Well where to I start?" "At the beginning..." I say

And he did. He went through his relationship with Devin like a timeline while she sat in the front seat of the car, fixing her makeup. He went through carpool stories, mutemath concerts, New York city travel guides, and Star Wars brownie points before he got to this point, the engagement. If you go up and ask Devin where her favorite place on earth is, she won't just tell you Disney World, she'll most likely break into song. So much so that her and David have a "going to Disney" song. The morning her life would change, David woke her up with that song, took her to Disney, and under the castle fireworks, he asked Devin to marry him; and she said yes. So now we prepare for their May wedding under a big tree, surrounded by friends. I can't wait for the day where you two get to start your lives together.

When we started the engagement shoot, I automatically knew that this was going to be fun. Mainly because of this picture. She couldn't stop laughing. I think that's important.

And making funny faces...

 And sweet moments like these make things so much better

There was this wonderful carousel where we were shooting so naturally we had to pay to ride. And naturally I had to make them try to kiss. While moving. And spinning. So. much. nausea.

There was a Bar Mitzvah happening nearby so we snuck in to take a peak. We found this R and since David's last name is Rodriguez, well, it was only natural that we use it...

 Yep, they're a little quirky

 But they're also sweet

  And maybe just a little bit nerdy

David and Devin, it was wonderful shooting with you! Looking forward to May!


Peter said...

They look happy!

Sophie Milan said...

They are blessed and perfectly match. I think it shows. There's something about them :)