Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come on...

You know what I can't stand? It's when a teacher makes you write an opinion paper on something that is not your opinion. For instance, I am forced to agree with classic feminists on the subject of the torture of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. "In what ways has gendered violence been justified by perpetrators in Abu Ghraib and by Islamic and Christian Funamentalists?"
Suddenly, Christian Fundamantalists are responsible for the justification of the torture of the Abu Ghraib prisoners? Thats a bunch of crap. Suddenly, I am supposed to give reasons as to why Christian Fundamentalists are responsible for the justification of these crimes, when that's really not what I believe at all. It's like they assume that just because I am taking a feminist class, I am a feminist and that I agree with everything that is written in my book and am prepared to write about it. I know that I can BS all of it, but it is still is not right that I am forced to write on something with which I do not agree on. I guess that's the definition of a liberal college.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't use bs, it means something bad

Joe LaGuardia said...

When I read the question, it seems that the teacher is fishing for something broader: "gendered violence" by both Abu Graib interrogators and Christian/Islamic fundamentalists has nothing to do with torture, but with their treatment of people of alternative sexual preferences.

Concerning Guantanamo Bay: Sodomy, nudity, and other forms of "humiliating" techniques were used in torturing (whether or not these techniques is considered torture is not relevant for this essay) inmates. Christian and Islamic Fundamentalists generally oppose alternative forms of sexuality: sex outside of marriage, homosexuality and the like. This is all linked to gender violence (I think) because it assumes that ...

You know what, maybe I'm wrong. Well, just a thought. I'm watching Hell's Kitchen, so it broke my concentration. Write the paper up---I'll be ready!

-Joe LaGuardia