Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neutering Christianity?

I've noticed in increasing popularity, the growing trend of "neutering" the Christian faith. Yea, I said neuter.

I lead the middle school drama team at my church. Each week, I challenge the girls to take what their reading and dig deeper. I feel like it falls on deaf ears even though Christ says that His word never falls on deaf ears. I ask them about their devotions and what Christ has taught them about it. Each week, I get the same response, "Yea, I read it but like, I don't see how it like applies to me" or the ever increasing "Yea, and, it told me like how we should like, love God more and like talk more about it." I hang my head.

How do you teach middle school girls to make Christianity their own faith when they are always being taught the "safe" side of Christianity? I feel like I fight against those Christians who teach the Joel Osteen "name it and claim it" and "life is great if you just believe" mentality. Didn't Christ say that we must suffer for him? How can anyone possibly suffer for Christ when they can't hear God speaking to them through His word because they don't know how to listen?

These thoughts come to the front of my mind because at our meeting on Monday, I spoke about palm sunday and read Matthew 21 which talks of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. I also read Luke 19:40 "But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” They had no idea what this meant! "I don't get it! I mean, how can rocks cry out?" Again...I hang my head in defeat. Why is it necessary to spell out every part of the bible for these girls? Is it because they havent made their religion their own yet or is it because they are always spoon fed the word of God and not made responsible for reading and intepreting and applying His word in their OWN life?

Why is there this increasing popularity of watering down and spoon feeding Christianity?