Monday, June 7, 2010


This whole growing up thing is way too weird. The high school class of 2010 just graduated. How can it be that 4 years ago I walked across that same stage? When I was going into 9th grade, they were going into 5th grade. And now? Now they're graduated, going off to college, and entering into the era of their lives that I just finished. It's surreal. There are those who are several years younger than me who are in serious relationships and are either engaged or close to it, and yet I am perpetually single. Not that I'm complaining. It's just so weird to be sitting in the same spot since forever and watch so many others go through things that I haven't experienced. That's not saying a whole lot since there's a lot I haven't experienced. Like a relationship.
I don't really know what I would do with a relationship. Honestly. The thought scares me. Well....frankly, the thought of having someone know me that well scares me more than anything. Guard your heart. Guard your heart. Well....I've done a good job of that! It's guarded! Barbed wire and everything! Love is crazy. Seriously. What am I ever going to do with it? Right now? Give it to the Lord. He has my heart and my love, and He knows what to do with it :)


Anonymous said...

I love that though you seem unsure as to what to do with a relationship (your words, not mine) your passion is to help envision/create what a lot of people count as the most significant day of their lives - what a usable heart God has made within you Amz.

Though it may seem like a cop-out as i am in a serious relationship, i really believe that singleness is a season that is a great gift from and TO God. The amount of time/thought/energy that goes into a relationship is astounding really.. Though i believe you are right in saying you are not one to complain, i just wanted to encourage you to continue allow God to refine you.. shape your heart.

Praying for you <3 rubes.