Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Tale of Three Kings...

I'm reading a tale of three kings. It's a book on brokenness. It's fantastic. Here is something that just hit me like a ton of bricks, and humbles me even more:

At this time, David is deciding whether he wants to become a Saul and try and defeat Absalom who may be trying to take over his throne, or to possibly let his kingdom fall at the hands of this new young ruler.
"I did not lift a finger to be made king. Nor shall I do so to preserve the kingdom. Even the kingdom of God! God put me here. It is not my responsibility to take, or keep, authority. Do you not realize, it may be his will for these things to take place? If he chooses, God can protect and keep the kingdom even now. After all, it is his kingdom.....In either case, I shall raise no hand! Wouldn't I look a little strange trying to stay in control if God desires tat I fall?" "But you know that Absalom should not be king!", replied Abishai in frustration. "Do I? No man knows. Only God knows, and he has not spoken. I did not fight to be king, and I will not fight to remain king. May God come tonight and take the throne, the kingship, and..." David's voice faltered. "And his anointing from me. I seek his will,  not his power. I repeat, I desire his will more than I desire a position of leadership. He may be through with me."

Thank you David for reminding me that having a position of leadership is an anointing from God and He doesn't really need me. Relinquishing control over that leadership is the best course of action because ultimately it is His, whether I am involved in it or not.