Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fear of...being known?

You know what one of the top 5 things I fear about starting a new job is? Letting people into my world. Especially when I meet a group of people who have no connection to who I am. What I'm about. What I represent. It's dumb, I know, and probably a lot more selfish. But it's true and it's there. I'm just wondering how I'll feel after that first friend request. I think it goes back to that high school fear of letting others too close. Must. close. doors. What kind of level are these ladies going to know me on?

The thing about this industry. Weddings. It's not as much about selling what you do or the right gown for them, it's more about selling you. "Your goal is to make them fall in love with you and the store and the dress will come second." Great. You pretty much have to be instant best friends. I mean, you go from not knowing them, to seeing them scantily clad ::blush:: we'll see how this goes...