Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Music

Things get stressful. I get too self-absorbed. I get selfish. I say something I wish I could take back. When this happens, I take a break. In my room. On my hammock. Somewhere. I put on my happy music playlist. Hit shuffle. The Swell Season.

Then maybe I take something out that makes me smile. Like these guys. And figure out ways to incorporate them into a wedding.

 Then I open a book. At the moment? It's Pride and Prejudice....again. 

And so I let the voice of Glen Hansard bring me somewhere else. I ask God to fix this wretched heart of mine. And I imagine the gardens of Pemberley...


Alex said...

We all have the things we do when we need a pick me up. But I like yours :) And I like that song, just listened to it! Thanks :)

Ames said...

It's a great song, isn't it? I love them. Thanks for reading :)

And your photography is amazing by the way...