Saturday, January 29, 2011


I told her to put the sale on hold while I went to get another color of thread. Anticipating this, I took my time, found the color, lingered briefly at the scrap fabric section and did a little ::sigh:: and then went back to the register. Behind 4 people in line, I quickly realize that this woman did not put my sale on hold. Rather, she waited. For me. And my lingering. Of course now embarassed, I quickly apologize and make sure it was verballized loudly that I thought she was going to put the sale on hold. She just scowled at me. I think her name was Marie. Marie didn't like me much after this point. I sheepeshly walked out of the store with my shoulders hunched but with a little skip in my step because 1, it was cold outside and I was wearing my favorite scarf. But 2, I finally got the supplies for the craft I wanted to do and was determined to not let the sun go down without completing it.

Ok, so I'm slightly craftily-retarded. I have visions of grandeur, of being able to sew, and of having this natural inclination to do something once and do it Hence my eagerness to get started on these super cute felt boutonnierres (that's the second time today I've had to look up how to spell that word) that are the first page of my new book. But, as most visions do, it crashed. I wasn't born into one of those families where everyone is gorgeous and all they have to do is look at a sport, craft, or musical ability and suddenly they can not only do it, but do it real well. Yea....not me. But hey, what is a not-so-crafty college graduate with less than 20 hours of work a week supposed to do with all her extra time? I sure don't know, but I figured I'd attack something that I am generally less than successful at.

5 hours later, I have 1 lopsided, POORLY sewn felt boutonniere, in which the only thing I was happy about was that I finally let my mom teach something about sewing. I learned a whip stitch (ps, I added "learned a whip stitch" to my list of awesome things I can's currently number 3 behind "can make mayonnaise"). 

And so this is the final product...

And since I was too embarassed as to how it turned out to pin it on my dad for a picture, I pinned it to myself and attempted to take a successful picture of it.

So this is what I'm doing with my time....crafting...the one thing I swore I would never do.

Have a great weekend!!


Ashli said...

Incorporate those into MY wedding! Birds, cages, trees, owls (which is still a bird), these are things I love.

You know, that wedding of mine... which is no where in the near future.

Ames said...

Yea!! you're wedding will be fabulous because you're fabulous! :)

you know...when it happens :)