Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kate Leaderstorf + John Gaunt

I don't really know them. I don't know John at all and I only remember Kate from when she went to CCA. The thing about volunteering with the wedding ministry is that you have the opportunity to step into the lives of two special people right at the point where their two lives become one. You don't have any previous expectations or callous judgements to tarnish your view. You just see them. And it's beautiful.

Little miracles would probably be what I would use to describe their wedding day. Rehearsal went great, everything seemed ironed out. And then the wedding comes and it's like "wait, I thought we practiced this?" To list a few? Musicians who didn't know they were playing, so improvisation occured. Mad props to Dan Lupo for being so flexible. A slideshow that came very close to not being played because the wedding team didn't realize that "it takes two to make a thing go right."

But the little miracles are what matters most. According to maid of honor Marla, that's what the whole wedding had been filled with. For instance, not only going into JC Penney and getting $80 shoes for $20, but also to come and find out that the only sizes they had left happened to be the exact sizes of the 4 bridesmaids. Or the little "ring bearer" who was taking a ride in wagon up the aisle was crying like crazy until those doors opened up and suddenly he was hushed. Or the dvd slideshow that we wanted played at the ceremony, only to come and find out that not only did we need to book a sound guy, but also a video guy. Upstairs and down stairs. A phone call to Jack the head video guy and few training moments later, Jake Butler pulled it out and was able to run the slideshow. In the nick of time. Or the dancer who was not only full of nerves, but also very congested and coughing every few minutes. Scared that she would go into a coughing fit onstage, we prayed and the Lord was faithful.

It's just those little miracles that you see in the simplest of things that lets you know that God not only is always there, but He works things out in a way that make you chuckle. He knows what will make you laugh.

And so this post is getting way too long. Today another wedding and rehearsal, and then tomorrow another wedding. Busy weekend. I'm gunna go ahead go and fist bump with Pastor Bob at a sweet wedding.