Thursday, January 6, 2011

My thing

I found it! I did! I'm very happy. Alright, so those of you who follow some blogs know that each successful blogger has a thing that they do every so often that is personally them. Whether it's Jessica Claire who does "Things I love" or Jasmine Star who does "Kisses + Disses", they all have them. Well, I think I found my thing..... "5 senses". Alright, it seemed a little more climactic in my head, but we'll work on the delivery. In essence, it's about my 5 senses and what I have observed using them over the past week. I'd like to say I'm a pretty observant person; I notice things, people, smells, and tastes (sometimes too indulgently). That being said, I think I'll put them to good use. So I'll start it on this blog, and then when I get all professional with my own wedding planning business, I'll transition it over to my wedding blog. It'll be epic, I know it will.

This week in: The 5 Senses (as design elements come into play, this will be more fun, bear with me)

Sight: I saw a homeless man rolling up his sleeping bag after spending the night on a bench near the beach
Hearing: The sound of my ugly alarm going off at 6 am
Touch: A cashmere sweater. It was the first time I'd ever touched one
Taste: This time it was a simple dinner prepared by a woman who has more strength and is more solid in her faith then any woman I've seen in a long time. ::thanks Becky Gardner::
Smell: A pizza stone getting broken in in the oven. Moldy eggs and old play dough is all I'm going to leave you with.

Sunrise this morning