Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kenneth Copeland and other things

You've been waking up later than me. Only by 5 minutes, so I don't put it past you. I just smile. Tea is your drink of choice because you're on this Daniel Fast and let's face it, coffee without cream is a little bit unbearable for you.

I've noticed you have this process. Get up, make tea, take care of the animals, kiss your husband goodbye, get out your bible. When I come out of my room to wash my coffee cup because I can't finish the whole thing and I hate those rings that appear on the side after you've left the old stuff in there too long, you've got your bible open and the tv on. Kenneth Copeland is there, talking with Gloria. I roll my eyes a little bit, even though it's been a year. You love them each morning. It's your thing. Although I'm not a name it and claim it kind of a person, I appreciate what they do, even if I can't stand to listen to it for more than about a minute. But you like it, and it gives you joy, which makes me happy.

Every.morning. You and your God time.....and Kenneth Copeland. I don't think I could have a mother better suited for me.