Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5th: Labor Day

Memorial Day and Labor Day. One of them marks the beginning of the summer, the other marks the end. Labor day marks the end. I love it. Those who have gone back to school however, they may have another opinion. I love it because with the end of summer comes the beginning of fall and two of my favorite seasons.

This morning as I went fishing at dawn, I smelled the air as it blew and I told my mom that the cool weather is coming. I can sense it, it's on it's way. I'm excited for scarves and boots and red noses. I'm excited to drink more tea and to have an excuse to buy obnoxiously colored fuzzy socks. A time that in Florida, marks excitement and almost always inspires me.

And as I've written long enough, here is my September 5th picture. She's a little bit crazy and completely opposite of my personality but I love her all the same. Almost 10 years I've known this girl and every time she makes this face, it brings me back to 14...


arabolli said...

heyyyy thats me:-)

Loves you!