Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 9th-15th

 I realize that these are a bit late. I'm a terrible blogger.....really I am. I seem to lack some inspiration. Anyway, here are the photos for the last 6 days. What I'm realizing as this month goes on is that a.) I live a terribly boring life and b.) it's a lot harder to take pictures of new things than I thought.

September 9th: Braids

September 10th: I grew something on my face...

September 11th: Friendly brunch. That right there is bacon and ketchup wrapped in a flour tortilla. A Pasquale specialty...

 September 12th: Clearly he understands what days off are supposed to look like

September 13th: A sunset glow

September 14th: If I could hashtag this picture, it would be #tanlines

September 15th: The very BEST part of a loaf of bread...