Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sandi, Samantha, & Dave

Have you considered what it means to listen to people? Not hear them. Listen and comprehend. Do you realize the impact that can have. And no, not just to the person talking, but to the person who is doing the listening. In this case, me.

Tonight I listened to the stories of Sandi, Samantha, and Dave tonight. And I can honestly say it was one of the best evenings I've had in a while. Rather than being concerned with myself, which is what is generally on my mind, I put my ego aside and listened to someone who just wanted to talk.

I learned that Sandi is struggling with finding a church which doesn't look to her past as a homosexual as a weakness in who she is.
I learned that Samantha has read every Jane Austen book and is completely confident in saying that Emma is the best book she wrote.
And I learned that Dave comes to Barnes and Noble every Saturday night to read a chapter of the bible because it's the only chance he has away from his Atheist wife who won't allow bibles in the house. He's in Romans, I believe.

I got to pray with Sandi, talk Bennet with Samantha, and encourage Dave. My pumpkin spice latte got cold, but that's what I get for paying $4.25 for a hyped-up cup of coffee.  I walked away humbled. And with a better understanding of people, knowing that everyone has a story to tell if you'll just listen...