Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Dilemma...

The Dilemma: I have goals and ambitions to start my own wedding planning business. It's going to be great because I know I'm going to be great at it. But you see, to do that, you need experience in order to get hired. And I wouldn't say planning 2 receptions and 1 wedding is enough for that.
There are two ways to get experience, and the first if preferred. The first would be to work/intern for someone who plans wedding and glean as much as you can from them. This would be ideal because this is the kind of environment I thrive in and learn the most from. Hands on. Shove a book in front of my face and it doesn't stick. Same problem I had in college.
The second way would be to get a wedding planning certificate from an accredited school. Again, not my first choice because while you can read and be taught so much from a classroom, there are so many things you pick up on during on the job training that you could never learn in a classroom, even from the best teacher.

So herein lies the problem: I don't have anyone with which I could work/intern for in order to learn everything I would like to. I can't afford a volunteer position because while I do still live at home to save money, I do in fact need money. No job, no saving money, no work....and you get the picture. The choice of getting certified could be my other option but hey, these things cost money. $560 at Broward College (and I always promised myself I would never go back) or I could pay $1,300 elsewhere...


So I'm a little stuck. How do you get a job with no experience since no one will hire you because you don't have experience but you can't get experience without said job?



Anonymous said...

OK! FIRST, i came across your blog and kept reading till i got to this post and in my mind all along i was thinking of the certificate program on interior decorating and how i shod go to BC and get it. Then i read this part and lmao!!! I don't want to go back there but at that price i would (my only problem is committing to actually sitting down for 4hrs every sat and take d class) am sure it will be worth it so i say close ur eyes and go do it!!!! _ChloƩ_