Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorites: 6 years of middle school camp

Alright, I went sentimental. I looked back at all my pictures from middle school summer camp. And I missed it. Joking with my dad last night over funny experiences in our life made me realize how many moments at camp I love. Even though the timing is a bit off, after 6 years (maybe 7?), I want to share my favorite things/moments about camp. Call me crazy, call me a dork, I don't care :)

1. Shopping for rec supplies
2. Chaos in the office
3. Packing the truck
4. The drive up there
5. Coming over that hill, seeing the sign, and being amazed that they got me to do this again...
6. My rec leaders
7. The golf carts and the many good conversations that happen on them
8. Putting my rec leaders through seemingly meaningless tasks under lack of sleep to judge their character :)
9. Waking up each morning knowing I get to have fun with kids
10. Sitting in the background and watching relationships be developed
11. Finding random things behind the stage
12. Unnerved by the fact that Camp Geneva never throws anything away
13. (This past year only) Having all the family ministry pastors and families there for just a few days
14. Late night sonic runs and graveyard raids
15. (This past year only) Talking to Sean Rose about college life (and listening to Garfield give him the secrets of Liberty and dorm room etiquette)
16. Rec team homemade videos
17. Coordinating super hero costumes
18. The worship team
19. Watching family groups walk to devotions
20. Laughing at the awkwardness of middle schoolers
21. Watching family groups go anywhere and seeing 2 tall people surrounded by a gaggle of little people. Reminds me of 2 parent ducks walking with their babies.
22. Watching middle schoolers interact with each other in a safe environment while also being bathed in the word by strong adult and student leaders and want them to grow in their personal relationship with Christ.
23. Middle school boys covered head to toe in red paint
24. Not being able to believe my eyes when I see Natalie on stage with a green wig and glasses being a complete goof with the kids.
25. Bringing together complete strangers for my rec team and watching them come to love each other over the course of a week, not letting social norms dictate how they treat each other but rather letting love dictate how they treat each other
26. Probably my favorite thing about camp is seeing time after time, God's amazing power to show up and be that strength when I know that I and the rest of the camp leadership, are weak.