Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God. Life. Weddings

Oswald kick my butt when I need it. Seriously. Today's good. It was about joy. God's joy. Some notable quotes, ones that make you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get you to start living for Him.  

"The first thing that will hinder this joy is the captious irritation of thinking out circumstances. The cares of this world, said Jesus, will choke God's word." "Stop being self-conscious, stop being a sanctified prig, and live the life hid with Christ. The life that is rightly related to God is as natural as breathing wherever it goes."

Oh Oswald...thank you for reminding me of how much I need Jesus.

In other news, I went running again tonight. It was ridiculous. My legs hurt so much. But....I did run longer than last night without stopping, so that's progress.

In wedding news, I have something pretty to share with you all. Flowers go straight to my heart. Really. I don't ever want to arrange them into these delectable designs, but I do enjoy looking at them and wouldn't mind receiving some :)

This bouqet is gorge... glass is divine 

Oh, and this skirt. I'm pretty sure this bride is totally rockin it. The confidence that women have when they know they're man loves them is precious...